School is an opportunity for children and adolescents to be curious and learn through academic, social, athletic, and artistic activities. Youth spend a significant portion of their childhood attending school and their success requires ongoing support from their families. How children experience school often has a profound impact on how they feel, behave, and perceive themselves and their future.

The Child Development Academy is dedicated to fostering an educational experience that promotes curiosity, self-efficacy, and creativity.

We use expertise and relevant research findings on child development, learning, behavior change, and motivation to support you and help your child enjoy learning and exploring. 

School Consultation Goals

Common reasons to get support

Learning difficulties, school refusal, truancy, homework, testing anxiety, incomplete/missing work, grades, friendships, bullying, disruptive behaviors, defiance, group work, sports/team activities, teacher-student relationships, lack of motivation, and college planning

Frequently asked questions

Location: We provide consultation onsite, in-home, through teletherapy, and over the phone.

Time and frequency: Consultations are typically 50 minutes in length and occur on a weekly basis. However, sessions can be extended or shortened. In addition, we are available to meet/talk several times a week, or sporadically on an as needed basis, depending on your needs.

Insurance: We currently are not on any insurance panels and are considered out of network. However, we can provide invoices (superbills) that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Cost: Our rates are comparable to those in the Bay Area.

Scheduling: Please send us an email to schedule a complimentary phone call to discuss your goals and determine whether this is a good fit.